Alpenliebe is the flagship brand of Perfetti Van Melle and a leader in the confectionery market.

The product, a rich milky caramel toffee, is a combination of milk and caramel & has a unique mouth-feel, making it an irresistible treat.

Alpenliebe was launched in India in December 1995 with a distinct product proposition:

  • The candy was an amazing mix of caramel, milk and butter
  • It was the 1st deposited candy in the Indian market and therefore the eat experience was most unique

Other than the Caramel flavour, Alpenliebe is currently available in Cream Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee and Cream Banana flavours.

The platform of ‘irresistibility’ was a perfect fit with the unique product experience. Looking back at the last 10 years, Alpenliebe has successfully managed to capture the sweet tooth of kids, teenagers and adults across various sections of society. It has become synonymous with irresistibility and has become a house-hold name.

Alpenliebe has resided in the world of ‘irresistibility’.

  • It’s a world where you give into temptation without any guilt
  • It’s a world that lets you indulge unabashedly
  • A world where you don’t need to justify pleasure seeking

Alpenliebe speaks to the ‘child in everyone’, one of the very few candy brands in the Indian market that has successfully reached out & connected with both kids as well as adults.