Alpenliebe 1

Most candies are either sweet or fruit flavored. But the Spicy1 and Fiery1 are not like most candies. Designed specifically for the Indian palette, these candies are an amalgam of real fruit flavors and blended spices that give a delightful ‘masaledar’ kick. This unique combination of tangy and spicy flavors is sure to fire up your taste buds.

Alpenliebe Spicy1 is range of fruit flavoured candies with a spicy chilli powder center. Due to its sweet outer layer and a spicy filling, the tagline for Alpenliebe Spicy1 is “Meethe mein atka, spicy ka jhatka’. Its dual flavor is also the reason for Kajol being the brand ambassador. As her personality perfectly symbolizes the sweet and spicy qualitites of the candy. It is available in Raw Mango and Guava flavors.

Alpenliebe Fiery1 is a range of fruit flavored candies with a tangy liquid center and is currently available in Tamarind flavor.