Alpenliebe Pop

In 2003, PVMI entered the lollipop category with Alpenliebe lollipop. With its caramel-laden goodness and long-lasting creamy flavour, this lollipop became an instant hit with the masses so much so that the masses could hardly wait for the launch of its new flavour Cream Strawberry.

In June 2013, the brand was revamped as Alpenliebe Pop, the “Anti-Boring” lollipop that lasts long with a flavour that lingers longer. With its rich and buttery soft texture, every minute spent eating this delicious treat feels like an hour spent in heaven.

Alpenliebe Pop is now available in two flavours:

  • Caramel, with the classic caramel and buttery goodness that consumers have learnt to identify Alpenliebe with.
  • Cream strawberry, with the fruity flavour of fresh strawberries mixed with a generous dollop of flavourful heavy cream.


These lollipops are pitched to the audience as “Anti-Boring” devices, syrupy balls of goodness that are the answer to every dull moment in a person’s life. So, if any time of the day feels bland, dull and generally uneventful, all you need is a generous dose of Alpenliebe Pop to liven things up!