Center Fresh

Center Fresh was launched in India in 1994. At the time, India was a market previously unexposed to any innovation in gums, and it was at this juncture that Center Fresh came into the market with an exciting new proposition - mint flavoured, liquid filled gum. It was an instant hit!

Center Fresh today has entered the common man’s consciousness and parlance; it is one of the most trusted brand for millions of Indians who consume it every day. This is reflected in its consistent ranking among the most trusted brands in the nation. In a Brand Equity study conducted in association with Neilsen, Center Fresh was featured at the 88th position in 2012, moving up six places from 2011. Within the confectionery category (including chocolates), Center Fresh featured at No.6.

It is the market leader in the Gums category in India. With a strong equity and loyal consumer base, the brand is well entrenched in the Indian consumer’s mind and synonymous with freshness, liquid filling and a balanced mint taste. It is seen as a quirky & humorous brand given its iconic advertising campaigns like the ‘report card’ and ‘robber’ TVCs to name a few. All these campaigns highlighted the brand’s positioning of taste thru the iconic ‘Zubaan pe rakhe lagaam’ advertisements (‘Center Fresh is so tasty that you prefer to chew than talk’).

In our quest for delivering the best mint gum experience, we have developed an even fresher Center Fresh – the same great taste, now with a higher level of cooling. The new product will hit the shelves in November 2015. To highlight this innovation and further strengthen ‘freshness’ credentials for the brand, we have developed a new campaign for the brand that communicates the product improvement in an interesting and unique manner.  The new campaign with a new tag line ‘Chali Hawaa Mastaani’ communicates the product benefit of ‘freshness and coolness’. Watch our brand new TVC above!