Surprise and innovation have always been at the core of Creamfills, the caramel candy with a cream filled center. Launched in 2005 as a brand extension of Alpenliebe, it was the only center filled candy at the time. But today, it has carved out an identity as unique as its origins.

The Creamfills brand has been built upon the premise of a ‘wonderful surprise’ where one gets more than expected. This promise is fulfilled by the product where initially you relish the caramel candy and are then delighted by the surprise of cream inside. This positioning has resulted in many exciting commercials till date and has helped the brand grow from strength to strength in the market as well as in the consumer’s minds.

In 2013, Creamfills was reintroduced as ‘bigger, yummier, creamier’. This led to the latest commercial with the catchy tag line ‘It’s a good. It’s a wow’, thereby reemphasizing that Creamfills has cream ki goodness, caramel ka wow! The taste and surprise element combined with the latest positioning of Creamfills have ensured that the candy continues to be an instant hit among kids.