Every employee in Perfetti Van Melle India helps lead our success in the confectionary industry. We welcome you to one of the secret ingredients which puts smiles on millions of faces across the country!

Why Work With Us?

It is exciting to see an organization grow and a truly enriching experience to be part of this growth! a career with PVM India is a truly wonderful experience.

At PVM India we seek people who can make a difference: individuals who thrive on the opportunity to think creatively and empowerment to deliver.

We have always prided ourselves as an organization which consciously grows our employees through deputations, cross-functional movements, Internal Job Postings and planned role rotations – both within the country, as well as internationally.

We have created systems and a workplace environment that provide challenging jobs, encourages risk- taking & innovation, rewards performance and delivers opportunities such that it continuously and consciously enhances careers of our people


"Working in an org. for 13 years testifies to my complete acknowledgement of its power of retaining its employees. An amazing place to work for women; or else, I would not have managed with two kids for so long & the same goes for my other colleagues

It is a proud moment for me and I take pride in being associated with a brand like Perfetti Van Melle. Thank you all for making this journey so memorable and I am sure, the coming years will be as challenging and memorable as they have been till now."


"… from my first day in PVMI in June 2001 to this day , it has been truly enriching & fascinating journey. Enriching because PVMI provided exposure to so many different aspects of business. Right from my sales stints in East & West zones , to marketing stint to regional sales role in North to sales innovation / rural role to heading trade marketing team to …. . Every stint has been full of challenge , learning and made me a better , sharper professional & individual. Fascinating as these 10 years were truly memorable. Never felt like work as environment offers one so much freedom & fun. Organization has so many talented yet humble people that one always feels good & looks forward to every new working day"



"I have had the privilege and great fortune to be part of a wonderful journey. A journey that witnessed a fledgling entity with a turnover of close to 200 Crores in 1999 transform itself into an undisputed market leader in the sugar confectionary space in India with sales touching 1500 Crores in 2011. Over these years as part of the sales and marketing team, I have learnt with the rigor of sales, empathy for our partners and trade and with creativity required in marketing the need to remain grounded in this highly impulse category. PVMI has repeatedly opened avenues that have fostered personal and professional growth. It has allowed the 'indiscipline' that is always required for 'inspiration' and ingrained the 'discipline' without which there is no 'interpretation' for that inspiration."


"You are the creator of your own destiny". This thought was echoing in my mind when I joined Perfetti in 2000. And then during my training I learned that , the one who endures that final victory comes to. A few years working in this esteemed institution taught me to be 'perfect' is to change often and today for me based on my experience in Perfetti 'success' in life is to grab the opportunities that come ur way, work hard, work together,enjoy what you do and believe in yourself that all things are possible. "The best way to see the future is to create it"


"Perfettians are some of the most creative , collaborative and forward thinking people in the business world. The organization nurtures a culture that fosters team work and individual growth. The work culture and environment supports not only the work we do, but our people in a variety of ways. Perfetti offers market – relevant benefits and provide continued opportunities for professional growth."


"It has been a great experience working with Perfetti - I joined this organisation as a Secretary and currently working as an Associate Manager. After joining Perfetti , I learnt about Import-Export, Project Procurement, Logistics & Warehousing - a great exposure for me and learnt all these in Perfetti. The work culture, which I liked is "NO POLITICS" & VERY OPEN AND TRANSPARENT. Anyone can approach the Top Management if there is any problem, which I feel is not possible in other organisations."

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Work Culture

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