Production & Quality

Product Preservation

The products being human consumables (in the form of toffees / gums etc.), all the “Food Preservation Requirements” warranted by the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1955 and subsequent amendments are applicable. The concerned Work Instructions ensure the following:

  • Hygienic handling, to minimize contamination.
  • The sealing of the product in minimal time (e.g. primary packing shortly after manufacturing to ensure no damage to product by moisture, heat etc).
  • Secondary packing in jars, pouches, displays etc.
  • Controlled temperature and humidity conditions in manufacturing and packing areas, wherever required.

Quality Assurance

Since the top management of Perfetti Van Melle firmly believes in the manufacturing & selling of high Quality Sugar (/Sugar free) Confectionery products, it has heavily invested in setting and maintaining a full fledged Quality Assurance set-up which functions independently of the manufacturing function. The Quality Assurance function is driven by people who are qualified in Dairy Technology/Food Technology / Chemistry / Microbiology / Biochemical Engineering with 3 to 15 years of experience.

The company has an excellent infrastructure in the Quality Assurance Department comprising of the latest sophisticated State of the Art Equipment for routine analysis of the incoming Raw and Packaging Material, In-Process parameters and Finished Goods.

The company also has a Microbiological Laboratory for doing relevant microbiological tests on the raw materials, in-process materials and finished products.

Ingredients used in Manufacturing and Incoming Material Checks

All the ingredients used in the manufacture of Toffees, Chewing Gums, Bubble Gums or Proprietary Confectionery Products at Perfetti van Melle subscribe to the requirements of the Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Act conform to the stipulations. The company’s In-house specifications of the raw materials also conform to PFA requirements. The company subjects its Vendor’s to an elaborate Vendor Approval process before the vendor is approved for purchase of ingredients. In this way the company ensures that it purchases its ingredients from reputed Vendors only. Each and every Raw and / or Packaging Material is subjected to an Incoming Inspection Plan comprising of the sampling of material and its testing. A material is accepted only if it is found to be complying with the laid down parameters for that material.

Food Safety Management System

The company firmly believes in Continually Improving the Quality system and Food Safety Management System, the company has been certified to the requirements of ISO 22000:205, by SGS International.

ISO 22000 is an International Food Safety Management System.

It defines a set of general food safety requirements world wide that apply to all organizations in the food chain. Use of this system is to ensure that food products do not cause adverse human health effects.

Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.)

Perfetti Van Melle India practices comprehensive protocol for maintaining hygienic practices of the highest order in its manufacturing facilities. For it world class GMP practices through out the manufacturing locations.

Some of them include using disposable surgical gloves while handling products, appropriate face masks for handlers who are handling primary packed products, appropriate hand washing facilities, sanitation at all the entrances of the facility etc.

Pre Requisite programmes as per the requirement of ISO 22000 have been implemented in the manufacturing facility. Some of them are Personnel hygiene of the food handlers. Personnel Hygiene of Food Handlers is maintained and practiced at all levels of production to maintain food safety.