Thirty seven children below the poverty line were adopted by staff members by providing financial help to them for their education.

In the Karanaipuducherry village in the Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu, PVM India has adopted some village schools and orphanages. PVM India supports these village schools by providing some basic amenities like furniture, white washing the compound and providing recreational games for the children.

For the orphanage adopted, PVM India sponsors 2 meals per week for the 70 children there.


Aids Awareness campaign in association with Morning Glory Public Society in Rewari.

Apart from spreading awareness , we had distributed Candies among school kids.

Associated Organizations

A hospital chain which provides holistic health care to the women and children and works in close partnership with the local community focusing on preventative health care (primary care) through creating awareness among the served population.

GOOD LIFE CENTRE is a registered charitable organisation recongnized by Tamil Nadu goverment, established in the year 1996. The center runs a home for orphans and mentally challenged children.(Regd No 47/1996)